sexta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2013

What kind of music do yo like?

        Music is very good for everything. You can listen music when you are sad or tired. I like listen music when I’m going to travel for any place. Peoples says children learn better with musics than classes. I totally agree with it.

        Particularly I love many kinds of music like romantic music, MPB, Rock‘n roll I believe that each moment we have a special music. For example when I’m clean my house I like to listen rock’n roll. My favorite band is Capital Inicial, Legião Urbana and Os Paralamas do Sucesso. Sometimes I listen pop music, my favorite pop singer is Miley Cyrus.

        I like put music in my classes, when I can teach with music, I’m feel the kids like vvery much. But I hate some kind of music like brega and forró oh my God, I don’ like at all. Overall music is good in all the time and for everyone.

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